Gap Year Program

Essential Documents


Prior to travel your passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months.

Ideally, 12 months if you are planning to go on travelling after your placement.

This validity period is a requirement by most countries.

Bring with you a couple of spare colour copies of your passport photo page.

Birth Certificate

A digital colour copy of your birth certificate can be useful to have.

DBS Check

A previous or up to date DBS check is useful to have but not neccessary.

References & School Certificates

Any previous voluntary or paid work with a written reference with Referee’s contact information will be helpful.

A copy of certificates such as: (A-levels; DofE ; CCF ; volunteering ; Music; LAMDA ; Sport or any other relevant supporting certificate) would also be an advantage.

Medical Issues

A certificate/document explaining severe health issues or medical issues requiring local care should be part of your essential documents.

Medical, Health & Travel Insurance

Medical insurance should cover you for in-patient and out-patient and repatriation care.

Medical insurance should cover you for Covid 19 up to a total of 300,000 Thai Baht.

Travel insurance should cover you for any unforeseen changes in travel plans and possible flight cancellations/delays or loss of luggage.

Dental care in Thailand is private – you should have contingency plans in the event that you require dental work or emergency dental repairs.

Emergency Financial Assistance/Money

You should have access to emergency financial assistance in the event that you require money for any emergency.

The placement will not require you to pay any additional monies other than the sporting/social/educational activities or the travelling you undertake outside of your structured time at the school (during your 4 weeks and/or 8 weeks placements).

Driving Licence

In the UK, you can be issued with an International Driving Licence for driving in Thailand.

Take your driving license to a UK Post Office branch with a passport photo and a fee and request to apply to drive abroad in Thailand application form.

This International version of your driving licence will be valid 12 months in Thailand.

Please double-check with your local post office for up to date information about this especially if you are a new driver!