Gap Year Program

Covid Policy & Visas

Entry into the country

At this stage entry into Thailand is still limited by Covid restrictions which are in place throughout the country. As rules change and updates come in regularly please refer to the Thailand Pass website for the most up to date regulations.

PCR Tests

At present a PCR test is required prior to travel to Thailand.

Quarantine Policy

The policy for quarantine is continuosly changing. Please refer to the Thailand Pass website for the most up top date regulations.

Covid Insurance Policy

In order to travel into Thailand you need to have proof of Medical Insurance with a cover for COVID19.

Without this specific insurance you will not be issue with a Thailand PASS to enter the country.

If you test positive on arrival

The rules remain very strict upon arrival into Thailand if you test positive for Covid 19 on your first PCR test after your have landed in the country.

You will be contacted by the quarantine staff in the hotel and will normally be moved to a hospital facility by ambulance for a duration of up to 14 days.

You will normally be in complete self-isolation for this period.

You will normally undergo medical check ups, blood tests, chest xrays as well as regular PCR tests.

You will not be allowed to leave this facility until the hospital has issued your discharge papers stating that you are not longer contagious.

The cost of this hospital quarantine will be expensive and therefore you must get Covid medical insurance which covers this eventuality

If you are travelling with a friend and they test negative but have been in close contact with you on the flight, in the taxi or after you landed, this person will also normally be moved to a hotel quarantine facility for 10 days.

If you feel unwell during your placement and test positive

You will be required to take a Lateral Flow Test and Self-Isolate for a period of 10 days until your last tests is returned negative

If you become very unwell and visit a medical facility you will be tested by a PCR test by the Thai medical facility.

If you do test positive at this point, you need to be aware that the Quarantine as outlined above is the only recourse for the Thai medical services.

Weekly Lateral Flow Testing in Schools in Thailand

All staff and students at ISS are required to undertake a Lateral Flow Home test EVERY Sunday and send the results into school.

These results are then collated by the school and sent to the relevant local medical authorities.


The wearing of masks is pretty much mandatory in all indoor and public areas within Thailand (restaurants are not on this list).

For schools to remain open and operational all students and staff must wear masks at all times.

Cancellation due to Covid

  • If you receive a Positive Covid test prior to travel and cannot complete your placement, you will be able to re-book your placement at a different time.

  • If you are unable to rebook your placement at a different time, we will refund your fee in full given these would be extenuating circumstances out of your control.